Weapons - Staff  棒,
Very short videos showing the same strikes with different staffs
Link to Wudang Eight Immortals staff - done by Master Zhong Xue Chao at Grand Teton National Park July 2009
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dE3lVQUUaI4 - instructional DVD can be purchased at www.wudangdao.com
Two section staff (flail) https://youtu.be/OTQ8GC_2vQw
Padded sticks (batons) https://youtu.be/cIU-UkdBicM
Sticks - rattan (batons) https://youtu.be/FM2Tki_7LRQ
Sticks - red-black (batons) https://youtu.be/DNPg6ygsHC0
Lau gar (long) staff https://youtu.be/YTIio7Ta6go
Three-section staff https://youtu.be/FQOg79QS_YQ
White oak, eyebrow height staff https://youtu.be/1LO2eMfqL4M
Red oak, eyebrow height staff https://youtu.be/PAEjml9UK5k
Teak, eyebrow height staff https://youtu.be/WmQuhDoIxtc
Octagonal hickory staff https://youtu.be/k0Di0UAR5sM
Mylar, toothpick staff https://youtu.be/JRduFtzOIkU
Red graphite eyebrow height staff https://youtu.be/tDkuQc7b4H4
Dark and heavy eyebrow height staff https://youtu.be/LL7sce0yjQU
Monkey King staff https://youtu.be/H4JhY60b1Ik
Waxwood staff Wudang length https://youtu.be/OrzCr-YTKP4

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