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Iran has an area of 1,648,195 square kilometers - not quite twice as large as
California. However, Iran has a population of nearly 78 million, easily more than
twice that of California. Paleo-Iranians were likely living in cities 12,000 years ago,
so it is scarcely surprising that 71% of Iranians live in cities. Bandar-Abbas, even
when combined with nearby Shahr Rajaee, would be doing well to have 400,000
people. This is dwarfed by Tehran's nearly 8 million. Richter for Richter, tsunamis
caused by a nearby major marine earthquake in the Persian Gulf are likely to cause
less damage than events originating in the Gulf of Oman or the Indian Ocean. We
note that an atomic bomb exploding near or even underneath the surface of the
Persian Gulf achieves about the same results in terms of water wave damage.     
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