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Richter 6.0 or greater events. There was a Richter 7.0 on 3/14/1994 in the cluster along the Equator at about 23 degrees west.
The event in Gabon was a Richter 6.2 on 9/23/1974. There was also a 6.5 on 7/10/1862; a 6.8 on 6/22/1939 (offshore); and 6.2 on 9/12/1945. Epicenters, depths and Richters on older events tend to be less reliable.
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Gabon has one other worry - Mount Cameroon to the north is one of the largest African volcanoes and has the most frequent eruptions of any West African volcano: the Atlantic Ocean has been reached by lava flows. While lahars and pyroclastic flows can be locally lethal, the real danger is ash clouds - as Europe discovered recently and as New Zealand and Australia are leaning courtesy Puyahue in Chile. We note in passing that the role of volcanic and seismic activity in the deadly Lakes Nyas and Monoun overturns in the 1980s is not understood yet.
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