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If there are pipelines and reactors and seaports involved KLIPSPRINGER also estimates the long-term impact of electrical shortages, logistical shortcomings, and petroleum / natural gas shortages.
Note that determining where to write the thread's results takes some thought as one must avoid any implicit or explicit assumptions about ordinality. It is critical to avoid having threads contend for pieces of RAM or disk (database rows or even pages). Depending on your application logic, you will almost certainly want to consider how to know all threads are finally complete AND what threads failed.
Presently, KLIPSPRINGER is happy to send the problem off to a cloud like Microsoft Azure to take advantage of lots of processors. There is a fourth choice: we have already calculated many scenarios. What we have not completed (yet) is a sensitivity analysis. For example, does it matter significantly if inflation in Iran is 11.9% or 11.7% instead of 11.8. How about 11% or 13%?