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It appeared that the only impact Puyahue would have on Gabon, Mozambique and Iran
would be to redden the moon during the eclipse June 15. What followed was: (1) as we
shifted our viewer focus from Madagascar toward Iran we were surprised to see an ash
cloud north of Djibouti (2) we had not thought 5.7s would trigger Dubbi. A small volcano
last active (we think) in 1861. (3) on learning its lava flows reached the Red Sea back then
our interest increased (4) friends told us it was actually Nabro with SIX times the potential
volume (5) but Nabro had not been active in thousands of years - some have said the two
volcanoes are one (6) our software predicted TWO ash clouds that could possibly move
independently (7) we initially concluded programming error either in our multi-threading
[bad] or our basic algorithm [worse] (8) we decided to e-publish immediately and do some
detailed debugging. If wrong, we could always retract. If we were correct, more trouble was
heading where it was least needed - Yemen and Sudan. (9) then it occurred to us we might
have seen two clouds before - in the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

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