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À la recherché du temps perdu (Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past)

In days of old it was common to display a splash screen as quickly as possible during program initialization to give a positive first impression that the application would be speedy and thorough. With the addition of useful functionality, dynamic text and images describing new release features, relevant news and paid advertisements, applications have tended to become so large and so complex that even with a chip running at 3 GHz and lots of RAM the delay before real work can start is noticeable to today’s impatient users.
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One tactical solution is to launch multiple threads that intersect at a point in the code where it can be determined if processing and interaction can safely proceed. A well-known challenge for governments is to be able to present both new facts and their relevant long-term context before someone else promotes an interpretation. We'll borrow some insights from KLIPSPRINGER's sibling KUDUS.
Nickel is a very useful metal. Deposits are often associated with volcanoes or asteroid impact craters. Pretty stable prices.