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In summer 2008 we analyzed the general economic situation of the United States and concluded there was a strong statistical resemblance to England in 1940. At that time, France had fallen and 350,000 troops were saved from death and capture at Dunkirk only by thousands of volunteered boats. The German
Luftwaffe  outnumbered the Royal Air Force. England had no money, no time
and nowhere to go - much like Acalanes. The British had three advantages:
fighting over their homeland; Winston Churchill and they did not need to win;
only not lose.
We determined then that firing forty teachers was the wrong strategy for
Acalanes. Instead, what needed to be done was HIRE 64 teachers. We assumed no bond would be financed, and that the State of California would provide nothing.
For our busy readers, the tactical finesse is to get State and federal legislators to
agree not to tax teachers. The devil is in the details - we have posted five sets of
web pages explaining various aspects. In our experience, it is very rare that
anyone has the chance to be one of the few opposing the Japanese at Guadalcanal, delaying the Persians at Thermopylae or fighting over London against the Luftwaffe.  We'll see what we are made of.  

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