In all the tai chi styles we have ever seen no one wears sashes as a symbol of rank or as a reinforcement for abdominal muscles. However, it has been pointed that if someone wore a sash knotted in the center it would be a useful landmark for automated analysis of videos.
We do not currently attribute any significance to whether a saber or some of the long weapons use zero, one or two flags, nor do we assign any meaning to flag colors. Usually, the color and number of flags are determined by whoever is behind the camera.
We usually color code tassels: red means the weapon is reasonably safe for beginners (for example, a wooden sword), while yellow means some experience is needed. A white tassel used to mean the bearer was clergy OR that the bearer was challenging anyone inside the training area to mortal combat. This is an unfortunate ambiguity. We use white tassles to indicate the weapon is heavy, awkward and/or sharp.
Traditionally, black tassels indicated a military officer. We do not know of any agreed meaning for blue or green tassels, let alone multi-colored ones. We actually use blue tassels to indicate weapons (trident, wolf tooth mace) that a teacher would use if he felt students were in danger.
There are commonly two lengths of tassel: the long tassels are difficult to keep off the ground (so they do not act as brooms) but have a different visual effect. We have encountered a tendency for long tassels to display more effects from static electricity - the tassel tends to expand like an opened umbrella. Long tassels in colors other than red, yellow and white are challenging to obtain.
We suggest and for long black and long blue tassels (26 to 28 inches) - they also have had tricolors (red, white yellow). As of May 2016 nine color combinations for multicolored short tassels (17 to 19 inches).
Spears tassels are traditionally red although we own several white ones (never deployed).
If anyone knows of a source for replacement bell/small red tassel combinations found on kwan daos and on some sabers we would be grateful for contact information.

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