We will be looking to hire full-time or part-time aides. You would need
at a minimum Chen Family certification in 18 movements, Lao Jia 1 and
Double Maces (sometimes known as batons).  You would need to work
on certification in Xin Jia #1, sword and saber with spear and staff to
follow. We pay more for each certification. That includes Silk Reeling,
Xin Jia #2, Lao Jia #2 (cannon fist), kwan dao, double sword, double
saber and long pole. We would also pay medical insurance for anyone
working more than 20 hours per week.
We expect there to be three sessions each two hours long during the day
with 16 (preferred) to 24 (absolute maximum) students per class. In most cases
there will be an aide for each three students.
Send us an email at info@silverwolfwushu.com - it would be helpful if
you mention any martial arts qualifications, any teaching experience,
where you live (or would be willing to work), as well as what days and
hours you would be available.
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