Air quality monitoring
air quality monitor
We wanted to be able to measure a medium-sized room (40' x 40') fairly quickly and accurately and inexpensively. 
We eventually determined that the part of the training area nearest the kitchen needed a second monitor. For most
houses a family could move one monitor around as needed. We wanted to be able to measure continuously all day.
The temperature would drive whether we heat or cool the training area - our objective is to keep the temperature as
constant as we can. Similarly, the humidity in the training area changes over the duration of a class and would drive 
the use of the humidifier or the de-humidifier. The three PMs (stands for Particulate Matter) usually measure the amount of  
smoke (quite the concern in these days and weeks of wildfires here in California) and the numbers refer to the size
particles being measured (10, 2.5 and 1 microns). We also monitor formaldehyde and TVOC which is Total Volatile Organic
Compounds - either or both probably being a sign that the air filters need changing. This is model EGVOC - about $130
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