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I-MAG STS Corporation

is about the $1.5 BILLION cruise ship named
Allure of the Seas. She is the sister
ship of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines'
Oasis of the Seas. Both are huge vessels:
about 360 meters long and typically towering more than 70 meters above the
water. The revised article, alas, describes the ships as weighing 600 tons. That is
somewhat off the mark: they weigh more than 225,000 Gross Tons and displace
more than 100.000 tons, so somewhat similar to a US Navy Nimitz class aircraft
carrier. The article says Allure and Oasis weigh 12 times more than the Eiffel
Tower. The Eiffel Tower was for forty years the tallest building in the world and
has survived the discovery of cosmic rays, planned demolition in 1910,
widespread criticism in its early days, German occupation of Paris in WWII and
a few other travails. The Iron Lady is 324 meters tall and currently weighs about
10,000 tons. The 12 x 600 doubtless refers to just the metal structure.

Construction of Allure of the Seas began in the STX shipyard in Turku Finland
in February 2008. STX employs 3300 people there - 1100 are currently laid off
with hundreds more to follow - no new projects in sight until late 2011.   
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