Tai Chi tools - After a considerable amount of TransPacific communications it was agreed that most special needs students would not only benefit from, but would need supplementary exercises with objects known as Tai Chi tools. These include Tai Chi Chih (ruler); Tai Chi Bang (stick); Tai Chi Bar (often accompanied by what is known as a porcupine ball); Tai Chi Wand; Tai Chi Ball; grip rings; Wing Chun rings; Bao Ding balls and Tai Chi Chidu (Long Bang). The last is typically used in two-person drills so it will not be taught for some time. There is not agreement yet on useful exercises involving the bent bang favored by the late Grandmaster Chen Qing Zhou. Note that many students develop quite distinct and discerning preferences for ruler and bang - most popular are intensely figured woods with professional finishing. In contrast, just about no one will touch plastic or metal.

stick - the wood is sassafras which is NOT recommended. This is a stick for a large student - normally 16" long ruler
ruler ruler
Tai Chi bar and porcupine ball Grip rings
Tai Chi bar grip rings

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