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Familiar as the staff at I-MAG STS is with the statistics of developing nations, it was a bit disturbing to encounter
such measure values associated with American counties. Because the economy of the United States is still so large we
prefer to use a little exanomic sleight of hand when analyzing. Rather than considering the impact on national
employment, or even on employment in the a state like California or New Mexico, we re-group counties as an
economic entity. When we investigated the consequences of a maglev running from either San Diego or a new
inter-modal port in Baja California east to a terminus in Hobbs, New Mexico (near the Texas border) we desired to
understand what happens at an attonomic level to people in Imperial County (California), as well as the southern
counties of Arizona and New Mexico.  Whenever we load a mass of social and economic information we always do a
canonical cluster analysis to highlight any data anomalies. We were alarmed to discover that in many areas like
education, economy and health care these American counties more closely resemble states in southern Mexico,
Guatemala and Honduras.  The Mexican states of Sonora, Baja California Norte, Coahuila and Chihuahua form a
cluster, which means they are more similar to each other than to other Mexican states. It also means that they are not
especially similar to the American counties along the border. Nor are the American counties particularly like the
more urban counties to the north in California, Arizona and New Mexico. In mathematical fairness, we must note 
that there really no place quite like Los Angeles.  
We doubt very much that the California High Speed Rail project will survive much longer, or that a bond to build
the Los Angeles - Sacramento link will pass in 2008. That may be just as well, as our Tsseb software (named for yet
another African antelope) does not indicate any significant benefits in the areas of education, health care or
infrastructure. Instead of north-south, an east-west link literally makes a world of difference.
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