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Besides the ever-popular Save and Un-do, SABLE supports playback.
This allows a parent to review the work, a teacher to assess the
homework, and the student to rapidly refresh his or her memory of the tactics employed and the order of tasks. In contrast, while a finished geometric construction today might actually be saved by some miracle, it takes considerable forensic skills (and time) to imagine a once-blank page and then guess how the work progressed.

We don’t doubt that some ingenious future students will, presumably
for a fee, take time off from their own lessons and likely decrease their own scores to provide hints and coaching on homework as well as circumvent  SABLE's use of biometrics and intimate hardware
verification.  Likewise, SABLE is aware of what web pages and files are open at the time a lesson is being done, so cheating or at least copying someone else’s work becomes exponentially harder. Exchanging pencil and paper for virtual ink and pixels does come at a cost.