Bagua Zhang teachers
San Francisco Bay Area
Adam Hsu - I am not sure if he is personally teaching at this time.His lineage is of the Yin
Fu branch (Liu Yun Chaio). I suggest checking  
As far as I know, teaching just east of Golden Gate Park. There is also 
Bryant Fong teaches at seven locations in San Francisco and at UC Berkeley. I would try
emailing him at His teachers were Li Zhi Ming and Fu Zheng Soong
There are two possible websites: and
David Chang teaches in San Jose. Very proficient.
Mike J. Ng teaches Cheng style in San Francisco near 23rd and Noriega in the Outer Sunset.
Patti Li (Hao Zhi Hua) teaches at Wushu West in Oakland.  Best. 
It may be fruitful to contact Master Zou Zenghua in Fremont - try 
His website is As might be guessed from the website,
he teaches Imperial style.
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