1. It handles keeping your personal web pages current so you can learn and teach
2. It is cheap
3. If you don't, parents, students and other teachers would be entitled to draw a negative inference
4. You will have quantitative evidence that tests and specific questions are useful - or not 
5. You will able to see what badges similar teachers have earned or are working on - and whether those badges help
6. You can see what other teachers include in their teaching badge materials - and whether it helps
7. As you will know what kinds of students are interested, you can focus your marketing and your teaching and their learning 
8. You don't seriously think the current infrastructure works for parents, teachers or students, do you?
9. If the next Archimedes, Hemingway or Mozart took your class could you recognize him (or her)? And have extra material?
Extra credit: does a master teacher periodically review videos of you teaching? Do you watch movies of master teachers at work?
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