Changes for COVID-19 - Packing for class
We think it is better immunology to leave a pair of practice shoes at school. We will clean
and bag them after each class. That means parents MAY wish to buy a pair of shoes for
home practice. We suggest the black cotton shoes with the white soles - very inexpensive.
Nothing wrong with getting a pair of the real tai chi shoes for home use. We suggest
bringing a change of socks each day. Pack them in any old small bag - a Ziploc freezer bag
or even a brown paper lunch bag will suffice. If medicines absolutely positively have to  
be taken on the ride to school, during class or on the ride home, pack them - make sure
to label and have instructions in whatever IEP or IBP we are using. Discuss with us if any
spare clothing (typically, an undershirt) would be useful. We expect to hand out towels.
We are leaning toward keeping all weapons and Tai Chi tools at school. If that is the plan
parents may wish to buy an extra Tai Chi ruler and extra Tai Chi bang for home use. Talk
to us about extra weapons, grip rings, porcupine balls, foot rollers and so on. We like the
idea of wearing blues block glasses and perhaps noise-canceling headphones.

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