Changes for COVID-19 - Tools and Weapons 
Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan as we teach it includes the following weapons sets:
saber, double saber, sword, double sword, eyebrow height staff, spear, Kwan dao, lau gar
(3 meter) pole, fork and batons. The Tai Chi tools include Tai Chi ruler, zhang, Tai Chi
Bang, Tai Chi Bar, Bao Ding balls, porcupine balls, grip rings and Wing Chun rings. We may
continue to teach Tai Chi Bent Bang, but we are suspending the teaching of Tai Chi Chidu
which is the one meter long two-person implement. Depending on what arrangements can 
be made for remote teaching we may still offer seminars in weapons from Bagua Zhang,
Xing Yi Chuan, Northern Shaolin, Hung Gar and Wudang Mountain Taoism. 
The current plan is weapons stay at school and are cleaned after use. Students are 
encouraged to buy weapons and tools for use at home - with parental permission.

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