Changes for COVID-19 - PCR and antibody testing
Our preference would be daily PCR testing but it is too expensive and too slow. We would
need 18 machines and even then the students have already ridden transport. We are
really only looking for two conditions: /1/a student was positive for antibodies and now is
negative (either had COVID and now is cured OR the immunity from vaccine has worn off)
OR /2/ a student was negative for antibodies and now is positive (either was vaccinated or
the student may have COVID). Currently, antibody testing is relatively faster and cheaper. 
It is impractical to expect parents to test at home with current technology. We do NOT
plan at this time to insist that students be vaccinated or get boosters. We expect that the
State of California will mandate vaccination and periodic testing for teachers, aides and
staff. We would strongly prefer NOT to send students home - not even after a second
adverse result. There are about 750,000,000 special needs humans on our Planet Earth.
We have yet to see any large-scale studies of vaccine effectiveness at any level - person,
gene or mutation.

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