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Sudan is composed of 25 states (wilayat) that have virtually no
autonomy. We anticipate considerable rearrangement of these
first-order divisions after the referendum. California has 58
counties, 480 cities and 3400 special and school districts.
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Probably advantage Sudan, but very difficult to assess.
Sudan has a Constitutional Court - what actual power it has is unclear. It will split into two
systems next year. California has local courts, county courts, several levels of state courts
and Federal courts.
Advantage: Sudan.
Sudan has a newly created bicameral legislature. The Council of States is made up of two
representatives elected by each state legislature to serve six year terms - somewhat similar
to the US Senate prior to the 17th Amendment in 1913. The 450-member National Assembly
also serves six year terms. The current President of Sudan is not notably restricted by his
legislature and manages to maintain cordial relationships. How the four legislatures will be
configured after the referendum is under discussion.
California elects 53 members of Congress every even year. This year one US Senator will be
elected. Twenty-one (of 40) members of the State Senate will be chosen as well as all 80
members of the Assembly. By statue, the Treasurer, Controller, Secretary of State,
Superintendent of Schools, Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner and the Board of
Equalization (taxes and fees) are all directly elected, and not subject to the direct control of
the Governor. For example, the Governor cannot force the Controller to write checks,
change payroll rates or defer the writing of warrants.
Advantage: Sudan.