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It turns out that we have yet another software application named for an
antelope. GERENUK (Somali for 'giraffe neck') is a very distinctive
looking animal native to the area. The Gerenuk only survives by sticking
its neck out. In its equivalent of a fantasy league, GERENUK rates the
chances of success for the incoming Governor of California as about equal
to that of the potential President  of southern Sudan - both have better
odds than the President of northern Sudan.
In all cases, the following tasks are necessary:
1. Keep focused on eventually building maglevs and supurbs
2. Continue to explore supplements to solar - there may be another
solution but we certainly could not find it
3. Do not become dependent on one source of technology or funding.
Chinese actions in the rare earth sector should be closely studied.
4. Ruthlessly reject extraneous expenditures - for now, the concentration
has to be on jobs to efficiently and economically build and use smart grids
and solar in order to improve schools  and health care. California is
fighting for its life.
5. The 19th century goal of a D average in high school is not acceptable for
the children and families of Sudan children, and it certainly is not
remotely useful to the children and families of California.

With a nod to Sherlock Holmes fans among our readers:
asserts that while
the success or
failure of the
various Sudans is
really only of
major concern to
Sudanese, 120
including the
United States,
depend on
California to