The Problem
8. In California, one school-aged (4 to 21) child in seven has an Individual Education Plan which is a formal contract between the family, the public school district, the government agency (here, a Regional Center) and any third parties like a special education school.
9. Virtually all disabled students have an IEP until 21.
10. After that, the school drops out, and most people with autism have an Individual Behavior Plan for day care, housing and other services.
11. Our SAITO software incorporates both types of plans, and focuses on teaching tai chi chuan in one of five modes: at home without grading; at home with grading; in class two hours per day; in class all day (two two-hour sessions) and in residence in a community.
12. Students will obtain measurably better physical health, be part of an inclusive social group, and will have life goals.
13. We have arranged to grant performance-based collegiate bachelor's and master's degrees in Chen family style Tai Chi Chuan. We could, with some effort, offer similar degrees in two of the other famous internal martial arts, Bagua Zhang and Xing Yi Chuan. Some external martial arts have plenty of sets and standards, but just are not suitable for the target population.
14. There is also a digital data stream for parents and physicians composed of scores from the day's recordings. The stream forms a statistical anchor for analyzing decisions about diet, medications, sleep and logistics: if the tai chi scores go up, whatever else changed was righteous. With large numbers of students one could compare anonymously.
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