49. ALL costs for tuition and equipment (including electronics, weapons, shoes and clothing) can be paid by the relevant social services agency so no (ZERO) cost to a family.
50. internet (remote) students without testing - something nominal like $5 per month. If they pay, that's good. If they learn tai chi chuan, that's better.
51. internet (remote students) with testing – arbitrarily, $30 a month for daily testing. We have prepared one-stop shopping kits of clothes, weapons, shoes and accessories by level.
52. students taking daily two hour classes - $200 a month tuition, plus we suggest a rolling reserve of $50 per month (only spent with parent's permission) for clothing, shoes and accessories.
53. We have already surveyed over 30 agencies in 20 US states. No one was in the least concerned about $200 per month. The two common questions were 'will you consider transporting' AND 'when will you provide all-day (or 7-8 hours) of classes'.
54. So 3 classes x 16 students x $200 = $9600 per month. The big expenses are rent and salaries.
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