The Great Chilean earthquake
of 2010 and its tsunamis may
well be complex than
originally thought.

We have posted some
statistical cluster analysis
results on the following page.

The estimation of the
influence of the Juan
Fernandez islands on the
tsunamis moving eastward
involves the calculation of a
fair number of fractal
powered cochleoids to
graphically depict what seems
to have happened as well as
some CPU-stressing work with
Navier-Stokes equations.

Meantimes, to borrow a line
from noted French poet Paul
Verlaine, it rains in our

Llueve en nuestros corazones.

The orange square represents a recent marine earthquake along the
Southern East Pacific Rise (red lines). We are concerned about the
power and location. A 4.8 or a 5.0 at one of the trihedrals (white
circles where three plates meet) - sure. A 6.3 in a divergence zone?!