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The rescue of the   Chilean miners: On August 5 2010 33 Chilean miners working at the San Jose' copper and gold mine in the Atacama Desert about 45 kilometers north of the regional capital Copiapo' were trapped 2300 feet underground and 5 kilometers from the entrance by a tunnel collapse.
After 17 days of drilling a drill bit was retrieved a note was found attached to it: "Estamos bien en el refugio, los 33" (We are well in the shelter, the 33 of us).

The trapped miners, most of whom were Roman Catholic, asked for religious items, including Bibles, crucifixes, rosaries, and statues of the Virgin Mary and other saints to be sent down to them. After Pope Benedict XVI sent each man a rosary, these were brought to the mine by the Archbishop of Santiago, Cardinal Francisco Javier Errázuriz Ossa in person.

After 69 days and an enormous amount of effort by Chileans and a diverse international group all the miners were brought to the surface one at a time in a specially designed capsule.

"Puro, Chile, es tu cielo azulado" (=Pure, Chile, is your blue sky") - opening
line of the Chilean National anthem. We imagine, after several eternities that
were just ten weeks for most us, even in sunglasses, the sky never looked so