All the Taoist robes and manteaus
have been ordered from Chinese Clothing Online in Hong Kong.
They are fairly prompt and they make what we ask for.
As noted elsewhere, we want to tuck ~30 location sensors (each smaller
than a dime) in the satin hem materials used in the various manteaus.
In the meantime, the cinematographer, psychologist and educator
felt that we needed a more handsome model willing to stand long
minutes in three layers of clothes under hot lights while the pose is
been micro-adjusted by vague and sometimes contradictory orders.
The general agreement is hems are needed at the bottom of the
garments to clearly mark the boundary. Also inside the cuffs. I have
emailed to see if the two ties located at chest level have a symbolic
function: everyone thought they weaken the verticality (with a nod to
Professor Joshua C. Taylor of the University of Chicago [1917-1981]).
The nice people at Chinese Clothing Online did explain how to wash,
dry and iron the manteaus. They offered to send some hemming satin,
but we are hoping we can match the colors here.
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