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Why traditional product-moment statistics and classical economics are inadequate (hint: lots of
non-linearity and cybernetic feedback). If they were working why aren't forty million Americans

Solar panels - Made, installed and maintained in the USA - and the implications for a high-employment
recovery and smart grids. In the interests of simpler computing, we hope Congress takes its time with
this. The cost rises with time and soon we'll not be able to afford even this desperate, last-ditch strategy.

Maglevs and supurbs - north from Busan in Korea across the Bering Strait and south to Belize

Ten TRILLION dollars on education and no one saw this crash coming? Who knows how to change our
economic velocity? And our equals of Pablo Picasso, Wallace Stevens and Michael Tippett would be?

An online version of our mathematical simulation code-named GERENUK
(a Somali antelope whose name means 'giraffe neck' - it only progresses by sticking its neck out)
complete with parameters and equations explained AND
national Republican and Democratic recovery
plan values defined.  

VALUABLE PRIZES. In our first ever "Computing with The Stars/Are You Smarter than a
Governor/California Has Brains" contest we will publish GERENUK's economic projections of the
consequences of plans by gubernatorial candidates Brown and Whitman.