Links to sets of web pages focused on the Eastern Honshu (Japan) earthquakes and tsunami of 2011  
03/12 Odds of a third major earthquake and second tsunami near Japan Click here
03/11 Water & electricity in Japan Click here
03/10 Too many aftershocks and a fateful email Click here
03/06 Another email about earthquakes Click here
03/13 Yamazakura - Japanese for blossoms of the mountain cherry tree Click here
03/16 Izu Islands 5.0 earthquake  Click here
03/14 Tomiko Atkins - selected lines From Rudyard Kipling Click here
03/18 Japan: way too many aftershocks  Click here
03/19 GE Mark 1 reactors in the US  Click here
03/25 Geological time - antecedents of the 2011 Honshu event Click here
03/26 Southern Japan historical earthquakes Click here
03/28 Foreshocks, earthquakes and aftershocks Click here
04/07 Quick link to a chronological cluster analysis of Japanese seismic activity  Click here
04/10 Quick link to a polylinear progression of potential Japanese seismic faults  Click here
04/13 How Sirt (Libya) resembles Sendai (Japan)  Click here
04/16 Japanese Islands Click here
04/19 Northern Japan and Sakhalin Island historical earthquakes Click here
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06/24 Osaka Bay: tsunami in a T-pot Click here