3/09 Speech by Rena Sharon, classical pianist Click here
3/10 Solar will and a charter school won't help Dublin High School (Alameda County, CA) Click here
3/11 Multi-site solar power for the Liberty Union High Schools (Contra Costa County, CA) Click here
3/12 Multi-site solar power for the Kansas City School District (four counties in Missouri) Click here
3/17 How Geometry scores in Butte County California relate to school closures in Kansas City Click here
3/19 Survival of the Φ-test and anonymous homework intersect in Kansas City  Click here
3/22 Quadratic reciprocity and high school dropouts  Click here
3/24 Flagging Enthusiasm  - a primitive polling procedure for students Click here
3/28 John Swett Unified schools in Contra Costa County California Click here
3/29 Our comment on the Moscow subway bombings Click here
3/30 National and state level figures for students, teachers, costs and shortfalls Click here
April 2010 Chronology Click here
4/01 Were we to testify before the House Committee on Education what we would say  Click here
4/02 Solar power calculations for the Olathe Kansas School District  Click here
4/03 Inter-national translations we were not expecting  Click here
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