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One might have been tempted to be very concerned about a major event at the northern end of the Sunda Trench
(green) given the rupture zones of 1833 (purple) and 1861 (pink). In fact, another of our software products named
for an antelope, and a sister to KUDUS, keeps predicting another major event near the island of Nias between the
two stars. More troubling for Japan is that the Nias earthquake of 2005 (red star) occurred within 3 months of the
huge 2004 event (yellow star) - their epicenters were 189 kilometers (117 statute miles; 102 nautical miles) apart.
A very high 8 Richter event south of the 2011 Honshu Richter 9 epicenter would be shattering, especially if the
Tokyo metropolitan area were slammed by tsunamis.      
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