Courses of Study and Costs
Costs are $30 per month for unlimited classes. If we raise rates in the future you will still pay $30. We may have a used
 or even new gi in your size, style and color. If not, call Young's Trading Company in Oakland at 5705 Telegraph Ave at
(510) 547-0121. We've done a great deal of business with Wing Lam Enterprises in Santa Clara over the years:  3051
Corvin Dr. 408-732-3055 ( In San Francisco there's Brendan Lai's at 3581 Mission St. (415) 626-8850.
If you are looking for videos your first stop should be - Don Cross' website. He's teaching in Eugene Oregon
and has published a series of Danzan Ryu videos.
Judo gis cost about $30 to $50 depending on size and thickness. We recommend what is called double weave (thick).
Gi tops are not required for judo, but we can almost guarantee anything else you wear will look like it went through a 
judo workout
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