Courses of Study and Costs
Costs are $30 per month for unlimited classes. If we raise rates in the future you will still pay $30. We may have a used
or even new gi in your size, style and color. If not, call Young's Trading Company in Oakland at 5705 Telegraph Ave at
(510) 547-0121. We've done a great deal of business with Wing Lam Enterprises in Santa Clara over the years:  3051
Corvin Dr. 408-732-3055 ( In San Francisco there's Brendan Lai's at 3581 Mission St. (415) 626-8850.
If you find a prime site to buy Japanese karate videos please let us know.
Karate gis are not required except for exhibitions. They are recommended for daily classes. They cost about $30 to $40 
depending on size. Traditionally, gis are white. You will also see red, blue and black gis in the photographs. 
If the student chooses to follow a curriculum with belt rankings new belts are $6, so eventually $30 to get to black belt. 
In the traditional curriculum the only required weapons are two yewaras (cut up an old dowel); a staff (use an old
broomstick) and a bokken (wooden sword - about $8, although you can make your own). Few are able to resist buying
pairs of sais, kamas and tonfas. You can also add any number of Chinese weapons to your individual study plan.
Currently, we film the student's belt tests and send the video to Master Maui Saito in Phoenix Arizona. Black belt tests
are done in person - either you go there or he comes here. 
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