Courses of Study and Costs - Shaolin
There are certainly hundreds, and possibly thousands, of Shaolin sets. Sadly, our Shaolin education was not very
organized, so the table below reflects the teachers our teachers were taught by. Single person weapons forms:  
Weapon Set name Teacher
Saber Broadsword Wing Lam
Double Sabers Double Broadsword Wing Lam
Gull-wing saber Six Harmonies Broadsword Wing Lam
Chopping saber (Kan dao) Swallow (as in the bird) Knife Shi De Yang
Ghost head saber Fa Men Saber Liu Yan Feng
Two-handed chopping saber First Road Saber Yi Lu
Daggers Double Daggers Wing Lam
Single Nunchaku Single Nunchaku Shi Debiao
Double Nunchakus Double Nunchaku Shi Debiao
Double Tiger Head Hook swords Double Tiger Head Hook Swords Wing Lam
Cane Dragon Head Walking Cane Wing Lam
Sword Dragon Movement Straight sword Wing Lam
Double Swords Twin Flying Dragons Swords Wing Lam
Spear Four Gates Spear Zhao Ahunjun
Spear - double-headed Four Gates Double-headed spear Zhoa Ahunjun
Staff Nine Province Eyebrow Height staff Wing Lam
Pu Dao Horse Knife Wing Lam
Halberd Hook Blade spear Wing Lam
Kwan Dao Spring Autumn Long-bladed Knife Yang Xing Cang
Whisk Buddhist Monk Whisk with Sword Shih Fu Liu Zhi-Hai
Flail (two section staff) Two section staff Wing Lam
Three section staff Three section staff Wing Lam
Jo (half staff) Tai Tzu Short stick Shi Guoshong
Trident Fukien White Crane Trident Su Ying Han
Sickles Southern Double sickles Ping Liu Jian
Gen (Chinese dai) Mei Shan Plum Mountain Iron Rulers Yan Xi Zheng
Melon hammers Mi-Tzu style Double Melon Hammers Zhang Yi Ming
Butterfly wings not really a Shaolin set  
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