Names of Genes - Asthma category

Gene Chromosome Location Syndrome
ADAM3320p13Asthma-related traits (ASRT)
ADRB25q31-32Asthma-related traits (ASRT)
ALOX510q11.2Asthma-related traits (ASRT)
ALOX5AP13q12Leukotriene C4 synthase deficiency
CCL1117q12Asthma-related traits (ASRT)
CHI3L11q32.1Asthma-related traits 7 (ASRT7)
CPN110q24.2Asthma-related traits (ASRT)
DNMT3A2p23.3Tatton-Brown-Rahman syndrome
DOCK89p24.3Autosomal recessive hyper-IgE syndrome (AR-HIES)
HAVCR15q33.2Asthma-related traits (ASRT)
IL12B5q33.3Asthma-related traits (ASRT)
IL135q31Asthma-related traits (ASRT)
IL4R16p11.2-12.1Asthma-related traits (ASRT)
IRAK312q14.3Asthma-related traits 5 (ASRT5)
KDM6A23p11.3Kabuki syndrome
LTC4S5q35Leukotriene C4 synthase deficiency
MUC74q13.3Asthma-related traits (ASRT)
NPSR17p14.3Asthma-related traits 2 (ASRT2)
PLA2G76p12-21.2Asthma-related traits (ASRT)
PTGDR14q22.1Asthma-related traits 1 (ASRT1)
PTGER214q22Asthma with nasal polyps and aspirin intolerance (ANPAI)
SCGB3A25q32Asthma-related traits (ASRT)
SMAD315q22.33Loeys-Dietz syndrome
SPINK55q32Netherton syndrome
TBX2117q21.32Asthma with nasal polyps and aspirin intolerance (ANPAI)
TGFB21q41Loeys-Dietz syndrome
TGFBR19q22Loeys-Dietz syndrome
TGFBR23p22Loeys-Dietz syndrome

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