Names of Genes - Cataracts category

Gene Chromosome Location Syndrome
ABHD1220p11.21Polyneuropathy hearing loss ataxia retinitis pigmentosa and cataract (PHARC)
ABHD53p21.33Chanarin-Dorfman syndrome type 2
ADAMTSL41q21.2Ectopia lentis
ALDH18A110q24.1Cutis laxa autosomal recessive 3A (ARCL3A)
BCOR23p11.4Oculofaciocardiodental (OFCD) syndrome
BEST111q12.3Autosomal dominant vitreoretinochoroidopathy (ADVIRC)
BFSP120p12.1Cataract 33 multiple types (CTRCT33)
BFSP23q22.1Juvenile-onset progressive cataracts
CHMP4B20q11.22Cataract 31 multiple types (CTRCT31)
CLPB11q13.4CLPB deficiency
CRYAA21q22.3Cataract 09 multiple types (CTRCT9)
CRYBA117q11.2Cataract 10 multiple types (CTRCT10)
CRYBB222q11.23Cataract 03 multiple types (CTRCT3)
CRYBB322q11.23Cataract 22 multiple types (CTRCT22)
CRYGB2q33.3Cataract 39 multiple types (CTRCT39)
CRYGC2q33.3Cataract 02 multiple types (CTRCT2)
CRYGD2q33.3Cataract 04 multiple types (CTRCT4)
CRYGS3q27.3Cataract 20 multiple types (CTRCT20)
CTDP118q23Congenital cataracts facial dysmorphism and neuropathy
EPHA21P36.13Cataract 06 multiple types (CTRCT6)
EYA18q13.3Lens clouding / cornea clouding
FAM126A7p15.3Hypomyelination and congenital cataract
FBN115q21.1Marfan syndroe
FTL19q13.33Hyperferritinemia-cataract syndrome
FYCO13p21.31Cataract 18 multiple types(CTRCT18)
GJA313q12.11Zonular pulverulent cataract type 3 (CZP3)
GJA81q21.1Cataract 01 multiple types (CTRCT1)
JAM311q25Hemorrhagic destruction of the brain with cataracts (HDBSCC)
LEMD26p21.31Cataract 46 juvenile-onset (CTRCT46)
LIM219q13.41Cataract 19 multiple types (CTRCT19)
MAF16q23.2Cataract 21 multiple types (CTRCT21)
MAN2B119p13.13Alpha-mannosidosis type 2
MBNL13q25.1Corneal dystrophy Fuchs endothelial 3 (FECD3)
MBNL13q25.1Dystrophia myotonica 1 (DM1)
MIR18415q25.1Familial keratoconus with cataract (EDICT)
MYH922q12.3MYH9-related disorder
NDP23p11.3Familial exudative vitreoretinopathy
NHS23p22.2Cataract 40 (CTRCT40)
OAT10q26.13Gyrate atrophy
OPA3-both19q13.32Costeff syndrome
OPA3-one19q13.32Autosomal dominant optic atrophy and cataract (ADOAC)
P3H23q28Severe myopia with cataract and vitreoretinal degeneration (MCVD)
PITX310q24.32Cataract 11 multiple types (CTRCT11)
PITX310q24.32Anterior segment dysgenesis 1 (ASGD1)
RECQL48q24.3Rothmund-Thomson syndrome
SIL15q31.2Marinesco-Sjögren syndrome type 1
SIPA1L319q13.13Cataract 45 (CTRCT45)
TDRD79q22.33Cataract 36 (CTRCT36)
TMEM11416p13.2Congenital and juvenile cataracts
UNC45B17q12Cataract 43 (CTRCT43)
VCAN5q14.2Wagner syndrome
VIM10p13Cataract 30 multiple types (CTRCT30)
WRN8p12Werner syndrome

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