Names of Genes

Gene Chromosome Location Syndrome Category
UBA123p11.3Arthrogryposis - otherArthrogryposis spectrum
UBB17p11.2-12Alzheimer - late onsetAlzheimer Syndrome
UBE3A15q11-q13Angelman`s SyndromeAutism spectrum
UBE3A15q11.2Microcephaly - otherMicrocephaly
UBE3B12q24.11Microcephaly - otherMicrocephaly
UBN27q34 Autism 18 (AUTS18)Autism spectrum
UBQLN223p11.21ALSALS - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
UCHL14p13Parkinson disease - other Parkinsonism 
UCP211q13.4Congenital hyperinsulinismDiabetes
UGT2B154q13.2Autism 18 (AUTS18)Autism spectrum
UGT2B174q13.2Autism 18 (AUTS18)Autism spectrum
UNC45B17q12Cataract 43 (CTRCT43)Cataracts
UNC93B111q13.2Herpes simplex encephalitis 1 (HSE1)Encephalitis
up to 615q13.315q13.3 microdeletion syndromeAutism spectrum
UPB122q11.2Beta-ureidopropionase deficiencyMicrocephaly
UPF3B23q24Mental retardation X-linked syndromic 14 (MRXS14)Autism spectrum
UQCC26p21.31Mitochondrial complex III deficiency nuclear 7 (MC3DN7)Autism spectrum
USF11q23.3Hyperlipidemia combined 1Hyperlipidemia

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