Internet-based Lessons
Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan - advanced
Double Sabers
Double Swords
Long Staff (3 meters; waxwood)
Kwan Dao
Lao Jia 2 (Old Frame 2, also known as Cannon Fist)
Xin Jia 2 (New Frame 2)
tai chi bang - bent
No intention to teach Fajin 42 or Fan at this time
We suggest getting a 2-piece kwan dao if you must HAUL
one around. Currently, we suggest NEVER transporting a
lau gar long pole. Just too much trouble. And it attracts
unwelcome attention. We'd put the swords and sabers in
one bag and the three long weapons in a second bag
Dao Yin Yangsheng Qigong exercises
Mawangdui Daoyin Shu Qigong exercises
Wu Qin Xi Qigong exercises

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