For Investors - Some possibilities to reduce legal entanglements

1. Usually martial arts schools have insurance that includes general liability and fire coverage. It is typical to obtain specialized martial arts insurance for approximately $1.00 per day. Ostensibly, this is a secondary policy if injuries from sparring or tumbling are not otherwise covered. Tai Chi Chuan has no (zero) tumbling or gymnastics. While a neurotypical Chinese college student would almost certainly participate in sparring tournaments this sort of activity is explicitly excluded from the curriculum. As such, injuries in a Tai Chi Chuan class are very rare.

2. That said, the student population is likely to contain those vulnerable to seizures, tachycardia and overheating. It is not required to accept all candidates and it is to be expected that school districts and social services agencies will send their most difficult clients. While it is definitely undesirable to exclude students with severe medical challenges or with litigious parents, these risks are somewhat tempered because it is already known that some accommodations and trained aides must be in effect already.

3. By its very nature an expressive language disability associated with dozens of syndromes in the autism spectrum means that a student will often not be able to communicate that he or she is in pain.  We are pioneering the use of temperature sensors to measure pain - how successful this will be is unclear. The daily grades act in the manner of res ipsa loquitur.

4. The intent is to grade every student every day. Part of the reason for sending bi-weekly or at most monthly recordings for external review is to prevent poor teaching practices. A defensive resource actually lies in the daily measurements - one may readily argue that if a student was free of seizures for months and suddenly had an episode it is almost certainly due to an external
cause. For example, if there is no indication in a student's documentation that he or she cannot readily eat rice or congee (rice porridge) or that he or she reacts negatively to our dit dah jow on their feet or forearms with some diligence these limits should be explicitly discovered using daily measurements. 

5. It seems unlikely that a contract could be contrived to forestall litigation but there would be utility in protecting as many parties as possible from collateral damage.    

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