For Investors - Executive Summary

We teach the venerable Chinese martial art of Tai Chi Chuan to people with special needs so students have better health, an inclusive social group and life goals, notably performance-based collegiate bachelors and masters degrees. Like many martial arts, Tai Chi Chuan has a number of canonical sets or forms that are composed of sequences of movements, and there are published international competition judging standards for each movement. Typical would be a two hour class five days (seven days preferred) per week where students wearing smart garments follow videos of a grandmaster. We will provide parents and physicians a daily digital stream of movement scores and pain so that a statistical anchorpoint is available to inform decisions about diet, medications, sleep and logistics. If the scores, which we aggregate as a velocity of learning, increase at an expected rate, the change was right. Currently, there are at least twenty million Americans in the thirty disability categories where we can provide benefits. Those span 635 syndromes and 1343 genes. We expect those numbers to increase. The major categories are





Autism spectrum




includes Fragile X syndromes

Ataxia spectrum




Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis




ALS; Lou Gehrig's disease

Arthrogryposis spectrum




Alzheimer's syndrome




includes some other dementias

Cerebral palsy spectrum




Down Syndrome




includes translocations



Supporting conditions like Alopecia (areata) spectrum, Huntington's Disease and microcephaly would require some thought. Without making light of the suffering, we currently view panic phobia anxiety spectrum, sleep disorders, Crohn's disease and other similar irritable bowel syndromes, glucose intolerance, lactose intolerance and galactosemia as secondary symptoms. While we have no (zero) plans to teach people who cannot walk, saying 'no' has not historically been a strength of ours.

Even our preliminary results already very clearly show that it is not very accurate or even useful to compare the velocities of learning of among students with generic autism. Presently, there is no map defining which genes influence common metabolic pathways, and, in many cases, even knowing the gene or genes judged to be the cause of a student's condition is not sufficient. We were able to measure significant differences in velocity of learning between two students both of whom had Van Der Aa-Helmsmoortel syndrome (a type of autism) caused by different mutations in their ADNP genes. Fair comparison of students has to take into account specific mutations, repetitions, deletions and translocations. Such comparisons would help parents and physicians make informed choices.

Our supporting software, code-named SAITO (an acronym, and Japanese for 'wisteria') is already 480 Windows forms and 200,000 lines of code. Both SAITO and HERON, our smaller software application that functions as an electronic diary, and, to an extent, our website,, support languages besides English. The horizontal challenges ahead are to start and maintain economically sustainable schools staffed by teachers who have integrity, compassion and courage. In America a 2500 square foot school teaching three 120 minute classes per day with 16 students per class would bill the corresponding social services agency $9600. After any startup loans are repaid, the major expenses would be rent and teacher salaries. The horizontal challenge in the United States would be to manage a buildout of 500 schools in 350 cities in 51 states spread over 250 counties. World-wide, 8000 schools in 240 countries. The vertical challenges ahead are to consider expansion from 120 minute daily classes to adult day care and clustered group homes. We are aware of the market for home-schooled neurotypical people. It is not unlikely we will asked by a school district to teach an alternative physical education class, and there is certainly the possibility of co-teaching a practicum course at one of the University of California or private medical schools.

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