For Investors - What will be taught and why
Dozens of countries have martial arts traditions. There are likely less than 1,000 distinct martial arts in China alone. One can grossly over-simplify the situation and assert that there are four major groups: western; external from Shaolin Temple; internal from the Wudang mountains and intermediate from Omei mountain. In the internal group the three major arts are Bagua (sometimes spelled Pa Kua) Zhang, Xing Yi Chuan and Tai Chi Chuan. Within Tai Chi Chuan (sometimes written Taijijuan) there are at least seven major styles: several Taoist monasteries in the Wudang mountains teach and there are secular styles usually named after an ancestor: Sun, Zhaobao, Wu, Wu Hao, Yang and Chen Family. Having studied all of them with varying degrees of diligence, we find the Chen Family style, usually considered the oldest and original, best suited to people with autism.

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