For Investors - Breakeven analysis, returning the investment
For what we call a school we did a generic design for a 40' x 50'
shell with the intention of building an entry, an office, a kitchen,
two locker rooms with lavatories and showers and a 20' x 50'
training area which also hosts a lot of cameras and video
equipment. For what we call a day care center a dining room
10' x 50' is added. In both the maximum class is 16 students.
In the school classes are 2 hours long with a snack. For day care
4 hours of tai chi; 1 meal; 2 snacks; and a calligraphy class.
A lengthy e-discussion is ongoing concerning the benefits and possible problems
of always serving something like Eight Treasures Rice Porridge before class to 
eliminate hunger and decrease the practical and statistical influence of individual meals before class
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