For Investors - Locating schools using Wyoming as an example (continued)
The human population of Wyoming is about 580,000. There are also about 100,000 horses and about 1,300,000 cattle. However, despite being the least densely populated state among the continental states, (less than six people per square mile), Wyoming is home of the first official National Park (Yellowstone), the first National Monument (Devil’s Tower), the first dude ranch, and the first coal mine. To its everlasting credit, Wyoming was the first state to give women the right to vote.

Cheyenne (brown arrow in the lower right) is in the extreme southeast corner of the state. It is the state capital and the largest city with a human population of about 64,000: the metropolitan area including the rest of Laramie county, might get one close to 100,000 people. As can be seen, the problem is that while about one human in six lives in or near Cheyenne, locating the only school there would grossly undercover the bulk of the state and the vast majority of the population. Obliging someone with special needs to commute 300 miles from Evanston, Jackson, Sheridan or Hulett (in winter!) is neither compassionate nor clever. Walt Longmire would not approve.

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