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Genetic conditions like arthrogryposis, ataxia, autism, cerebral palsy and
Down syndrome have a wide variety of symptoms and no treatments. What
they have in common is sufferers in pain; with food and chemical allergies;
communication challenges; cognitive difficulties; use of powerful drugs;
multiple physical health problems like early onsets of diabetes, stroke, heart
disease and dementia; and, importantly, no hope. It is estimated there are
one million people with these disabilities in California, ten million in America;
fifty-five million in China and two hundred and fifty million – the population
of Indonesia or Brazil – on our Planet Earth. Humans have about 24,000
protein-coding genes - if any one of 1400 of those malfunctions the impact on
families, schools, medical infrastructure and government services is profound.
Teaching the venerable Chinese martial art Tai Chi Chuan will improve
physical health, increase balance, provide an inclusive social environment
and encourage life-long goals. Most martial arts have canonical sequences of
of movements known variously as kata, forms or sets, so an achievement-
based curriculum that awards collegiate bachelor's and master's degrees has
been defined. The recommended minimum two hour per day classes make
use of mirrors, projectors and cameras so that a student is surrounded by 
images of a grandmaster performing. Using international competition
standards and smart garments - sensors embedded in clothing - we will 
provide daily grades at the individual movement level. These are useful to the
student and his or her teacher, but are most valuable as a statistical anchor-
point for physicians, social workers and families. Our experience has made it
clear that it is useless to describe someone as 'autistic' or even to note that
they have Van der Aa-Helmsmoortel syndrome due to a malfunctioning
ADNP gene. Instead, it is necessary to determine exactly which deletion,
mutation,  translocation or nucleotide repetition someone has, and then
to measure and compare velocities of learning in order to offer a basis for
quantitative assessment of changes in diet, medications, sleep and behaviors.
Our HERON application software is about 40,000 lines of code and functions
as an electronic diary for the hours students are not in class. Our SAITO
application software is about 200,000 lines of code and handles the back-
office aspects of school and student management. Detailed demographic and
economic calculations from SAITO include a first-order build-out of 100
schools in 75 cities in California; 500 schools in 400 cities in the United States;
and 8,000 schools in 240 countries world-wide.
Funds on the order of tens of thousands of dollars are being sought to build
out a pilot school with the intention of teaching three two-hour long classes
with 16 students and charging the relevant government organization $200 per
student per month for a gross income of $9600. This would NOT include
revenues from any evening or internet-based classes.  The largest expenses
would be rent for 2500 square feet, any loan repayments and, eventually,
staff salaries.
On our elevator, a device that lifts people up, there are three buttons

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