Iron Palm Training
Of the three styles of Iron Palm training that I know well enough to comment on we have:                         
Northern Shaolin from Gu Ru Zhang - you need at least one canvas bag (duct tape can be used for a temporary repair) filled with (successively) mung beans, gravel and steel shot. There are four strikes practiced - the palm, the back of the hand, the distal edge of the hand and the fingers in a grip. Dit Da Jow is applied after training.
Hasayfu Hung Gar (Tiger style palm training) from Leung Hua Chu of Hong Kong (eventually - after Macao and his hometown of Sung Tsui) - this training adds a fifth strike of pulling the bag after a grab. A special table (see below) is useful here, and there is also a pre-training herbal soak. Otherwise, very similar to the Northern Shaolin training.
I cannot prove that what I learned in the early 1980s was actually from Cheng style Baguia Zhang but it involved two jows - one warm before the practice and one relatively cool after practice followed by an elixir that was mixed 2:1 with water. Eight different strikes: elbow; distal forearm; medial forearm (with the opposite palm); palm; willow hand (jab with fingers extended); distal edge of the hand; punch focused on the index and middle finger knuckles; and "heel" of the hand (fingers bent with the strike points being the areas around the scaphoid bone near the base of the thumb and the pisiform bone opposite it).

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