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Lake Kivu itself The geology, history and demographics of Lake Kivu
Lake Tanganyika By most measures, the second largest lake on the planet
Cameroon Lakes
Early warnings of catastrophe - Lake Monoun overturned in 1984 and killed 40
people. Lake Niyos overturned in 1986 and killed 4000. Lake Kivu is 2000 times
Mount Nyiragongo is the most active volcano on Earth. Luckily, it is not right on
Lake Kivu. The cities of Goma and Gisenyi and their million people are between
the volcano and the lake
Goma and other cities Goma, Gisenyi and other cities around Lake Kivu
Methane gas explosions in the Hiroshima category; tsunamis in the lake; carbon
dioxide releases; volcanic eruptions featuring lava, pyroclastic flows, ash and poison
gases; flooding of the Ruzizi River valley; and pollution in Lake Tanganyika. It's all
happened before - and is going to happen again