Bay Point California 12/09/2016 Hook hand from the Single Whip and other poses
Single Whip is done very frequently in the Lao Jia and Xin Jia (7 times each) plus once each in 18 Movements, and both
cannon fists. Diagonal Posture (Lao Jia #8), Diagonal Step (Lao Jia #11, 22 and 57; Cannon Fist #7), and Twisted
Diagonal Step (Xin Jia 1 #8, 11, 25, 65 and Xin Jia 2 #8) all contain the hook hand and much of Single Whip, but done
from the opposite side. As the hook hand forms consider the point Lung 20 on the medial tip of the thumb (pointed at by 
by the Emei piercer in the photo below) - with the hand open (usually wider) this is a pattern called "dragon's mouth"

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