Montara Beach California 08/31/2013 Shaolin (?) Butterfly Wings Sword and Goose Wing Saber
Also known as Cicada Wing Sword (Chan Zi Dao) - there are rumors this weapon is from one or more of the Mantis styles
(notably 7-Star). We have seen several versions of a set named 旋風蟬翅刀 (Tornado Cicada's Wing Knife). Tactically,
somewhat similar to the equally rare Blocking Horse Knife and Heaven and Earth Sun and Moon knife (Qian Kun Ri Yue
Dao). Enquiries have been made if one or more of these double-bladed swords might be Wudang Mountain weapons.
The Goose Wing Saber (鵝翼刀) is also shrouded in mystery - a very elegant sword called the Yan Chi Dao has similar 
complex edges near  the blade's tip. All three of the Yan Chi Daos we have seen are longer with much slimmer blades,
more closely related to a straight sword than to a saber. Of course, were one really slashed or stabbed by a Goose Wing
Saber any discussion of what exactly the weapon was would be of academic interest only.
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