Quoll 2017

In a departure from our time-honored tradition of naming software applications after
antelopes in my temporary absence a project code-named Quoll was started. It was
suggested that this was actually a clever acronym that James Joyce would have been
proud of: 'Qu' from my mother's maiden name of Quealy and 'oll' from her married
name and my last name of Zoll. There are actually several living species of carnivorous
marsupials living in Australia and New Guinea named quolls: Dasyurus albopunctatus
(New Guinea quoll), D. geoffroii (Western Australian quoll), D. hallacatus (Northern
Australian quoll), D. maculatus (Spotted Australian quoll), D.  spartacus (bronze New
Guinea quoll) and D. viverrinus (eastern Australian quoll). There is evidence of two 
fossil species: D. dunmalli is related to D. hallacatus.  Quolls are related to Tasmanian
devils, the antechinus, the mulgara and the kowari.
The purpose of our Quoll was to work backwards from known tektite locations and
find a impact crater location for the 800,000 year old Australasian Tektite Strewn field.
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