Estimates vary from 4 to 12 million people with autism in the United States and well
over 150 million world-wide. It is conjectured that somewhat fewer than one million
Americans have cerebral palsy. After 17 or more years of very expensive schooling
and enormous amounts of powerful drugs, thousands of young adults are produced
with no goals, few abilities, usually severe allergies, strong tendencies to get diabetes,
heart disease, strokes and dementia twenty years earlier than normal, and often a
damaged or destroyed family. If one measures how strong a city, county, state or
country is by how it treats its weakest, this is a very disappointing situation.
We will be teaching a particular Chinese martial art to people with autism with the
expectations that the students will be healthier, their families will find working toward
the goal of a college degree fulfilling, and that the daily scores will provide a quantitative
 basis to evaluate changes in sleep, diet and medications. We expect to experiment with
cameras with innovative software to determine if there is a correlation between various
movements and emotions.
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