Shoe sizes
One might have thought that buying shoes without physically trying them on would, after all this time, have gotten easier by now.                                     
There are two key measures - length and width - as shown below.
First, most, but not all, people have identical measurements for both feet
Then there's an issue of whether ankle wraps are being worn, and, if so, do they extend under the foot.
More commonly, how many pairs of socks are being worn, and are the socks wool, cotton, polyester ...
While the famed Godfrey Harold Hardy, FRS (2/7/1877 - 12/1/1947) in 1940 did publish an eloquent text titled 
A Mathematician's Apology he neglected to apologize for the arithmetical chaos underlying shoe sizes.
So, either send your shoe size specifying country and gender; or send the measurements as shown below; or download
our handy template; or check our conversion table (links to the last two below)

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